Who am I ?


I trained as a physiotherapist and have always worked in the field of mental health.
The question is often asked, and sometimes puzzled: what can a physiotherapist do in the field of psychotherapy?
However, the links and similarities between these two practices do exist: what we have in common is the body as a gateway to the psyche and the psyche as a material and tool for thought.span style= »color: #ffffff; »>Therapist Schaerbeek

The body has an astonishing capacity to reactivate the psyche, and the psyche is intimately linked to the body.

With over 30 years’ experience in mental health, stress and anxiety management and psycho-somatic disorders, a holistic, integrative and dynamic approach to the individual is part of my working philosophy.Therapist Schaerbeek

Trained successively in head and neck physiotherapy, sophrology, somatotherapy, algology, medical and paramedical hypnosis, general hypnosis and ETF-H, my expertise in the field of mental and physical health enables me to provide high-quality help, support and guidance for emotional and psycho-corporal problems.
The approach will be chosen and adapted to each problem and each personality.Therapist Schaerbeek

I welcome you for a consultation:

    • For stress management problems: psychosomatic disorders, anxiety disorders, sleep disorders, eating disorders, hyperventilation, anxiety attacks, panic attacks, burn-out, etc ;
    • For hypnosis or EFT-H consultations: smoking cessation, bruxism, phobias, chronic pain, tinnitus, anxiety, etc ;
    • For somatic problems: tension headaches, migraines, chronic pain, tinnitusHello.

Therapist Hypnotherapist Sophrologist Brussels

Therapist Hypnotherapist Sophrologist Brussels